TV, Phone & Data Networks

Nowadays with technology wanted in every room of your home, the job of ensuring constant high speed* connection is imperative. Either via cables or wirelessly, we will ensure that the TV, phone and data outlets are all up and running smoothly. *Speed of your internet connection is determined by your ISP into the premises.

You can share the one internet connection around the house with all computers viewing different internet sites, watch TV, Pay TV or a Bluray/DVD throughout the house from the one central connection.   Data between computers can be easily shared.

We will check wifi strength throughout the home or office and advise and supply (if necessary) any boosters, amplifiers or extenders to suit your needs.

Our Cabler’s licence and certified technicians give you peace of mind knowing that all data and phone works are performed under strict Australian guidelines. Commercial premises and multi-dwelling complexes networks can also be designed, constructed and commissioned to suit your individual requirements.