TV Antennas & Reception Improvements

To enjoy watching your TV or Home Theatre, getting the digital free-to-air reception signals right from the start is important. To ensure that the picture is coming through with correct signal levels the antenna on your roof must be right for where you live and be positioned correctly.

Not all TV antennas work the same on every house. Sometimes the reception quality can vary from one side of the house to the other or you may live in a bad reception area. Our qualified technicians always check the positioning of your antenna with a field strength meter and then at each TV outlet in your home. With over 20 years local Brisbane TV antenna installation experience, there’s not many suburbs that we haven’t worked in.

At Automated Concepts we like to use quality TV antenna and components from Hills or Matchmaster; two of the best brands available.

Digital TV

With the latest Digital TV switchover happening, some channels have been moved and you may be experiencing ‘no signal’ messages. This can be easily fixed by one of our technicians visiting but you may be able to simply retune or rescan your digital TV or set top box yourself. This is generally in the menu/set up and will be called scan or tune for TV channels. Different areas of South East Queensland will change at different times so best to keep this in mind if you get a ‘no/low signal’ message.

You may not have to go and buy a new digital TV to receive the new signals, however your TV antenna must be designed to pick up the digital signals. Once we confirm the antenna is the right one, you may be able to simply add a HD (high definition) digital set top box to an old TV and get up and running.

Set Up Equipment

If you’re relocating homes or just can’t get the equipment you’ve got working properly, together we can find a solution. We offer a complete relocation service for your TV equipment. If necessary  we’ll even come and unplug it all, pack it up and then re-install it at your new home for you. We will double check everything is properly connected and working well.

Remote Controls

Which remote to pick up and use now?

If you’d like to put away the numerous remote controls and have just one – we can supply and program them all into one for you with a universal remote control. This remote works by talking to all your equipment for you by simply pushing one button on one remote. Much easier and much tidier too.