TV Antenna & Reception Improvements

To enjoy watching your TV or Home Theatre, getting the digital free-to-air reception signals right from the start is important. To ensure the picture quality is coming through with correct signal levels, the most suitable antenna must be used and be positioned correctly.

Not all TV antennas work identically on every house. Sometimes the reception quality can fluctuate from one side of the house to the other or you may live in a bad reception area. Our qualified technicians always check the positioning of your antenna with a field strength meter and then at each TV outlet in your home. With over 40 years local Brisbane TV antenna installation expertise there aren’t too many suburbs we haven’t worked in.

At Automated Concepts we like to use quality TV antenna and components from Hills or Matchmaster; two of the best brands available.

Digital TV

Low/no signal issues with your digital TV signal may be fixed as simply as performing a rescan/retune of your device, however there may be bigger issues to be dealt with if this doesn’t help. We recommend speaking with one of our technicians to ensure any signal problems are fixed for good.

Set Up Equipment

If you’re relocating or just can’t get the equipment you’ve got working properly together we can find a solution. We offer a complete relocation service for your TV & AV equipment. If necessary  we’ll even come and unplug it all, pack it up and then re-install it for you. We will double check everything is properly connected and working before we leave.

Remote Controls

Having only one remote (Universal Remote Control) works by talking to all your equipment for you by simply pushing one button on one remote. Much easier and much tidier too. All the individual remotes can now live in the cupboard. We can easily supply and set up a URC for you.