Home Theatre

Achieving perfect sight and sound for your home theater room is possible. Our expertise is designing this experience with equipment suited to your environment and budget.

Our in-home consultation service ensures that all aspects of our design are tailored to your room – including windows, lighting, floor coverings, seating arrangements, screen size, speaker placement and acoustics.

Every home theatre system is unique with different components required. We will interface with your existing equipment (if compatible) or if necessary we can supply leading brands of LCD, LED, Projector, Hi-Fi, Surround Sound, DVD, Bluray, Media Centre, HDD recorders/players, wireless HiFi, all-in-one (universal) remote controls and fixed or motorised screens.

Our preferred brands include Jamo, Marantz, Mordant Short, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sony, Yamaha and Sonos, however we are happy to work with other preferred brands of your choice.