About Us

What started over 45 years ago as a TV antenna and clothes lines installation service for Hills Australia by John O’Toole, evolved into a wider-scoped business when taken over by his son Chris over 25 years ago.

As the fields of telecommunications, computing and audio/visual were constantly changing, then owner and sole trader Chris O’Toole (operating as O’Toole Antenna and Cabling Services) had the need to start employing staff.

Chris was being asked by customers about additional phone points to cope with having a computer in the home and using dialup to get on this internet thing! TVs were getting bigger and thinner and now being mounted on the wall.

The audio visual world was quickly becoming part of everyone’s home and it didn’t have to involve large amounts of money to have good quality sound and vision throughout the home. At first it was all about running cables to the areas you wanted and then Pay TV in most homes became a reality.

Move ahead another 10 years and equipment is changing even faster. Homes are being built with dedicated Home Theatre rooms,  multiple TVs and home owners also require the capacity for computers/laptops/mobile devices to be used by everyone at once.

In response to these developments in technology,  Chris and his team have undertaken training in many courses giving them the knowledge and qualifications to carry out all aspects of what was quickly becoming the “Smart Home”, “Home of the Future”, “Smart Wired” and whatever other names could be thought of. Services now had to include TV, TV Antenna, Audio Visual, Security, Internet, Intercom, Data, Phone, Pay TV, MATV, CCTV, Access Control, Controlled Lighting, Home Automation (CBus), Surround Sound and Inhouse music for both the Commercial and Domestic market. This knowledge has meant that Chris and his team have become experts in their field.

Every installation is about more than just cabling: it is also about knowing which equipment is best suited, how to use the associated equipment and applying their knowledge to ensure the best outcome for every job within the budget.

Through the years there have been (and still are) several leading top end builders, developers and electricians along with domestic customers that have continued using Chris for their services. This is a testament to the high standard of work completed.

As the list of qualifications and areas of work grew a name change was needed to encompass all aspects of the business which lead to “Automated Concepts” – Audio Visual & Automation Specialists. Since then the business has continued to grow and expand and the future looks bright for Automated Concepts.

Our team at Automated Concepts look forward to working with you.


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